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On Episode #011 I chat with Co-Founder & CEO Steve Lawrence of Brunswick Aces on what it takes to launch a non-alcoholic bar all while building out a range of products & growing the category.
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Brunswick Aces Non Alcoholic Bar
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Australia's First Non-Alcoholic Bar: Brunswick Aces - What we covered

Steve Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder of Brunswick Aces dropped in to chat all things Aces and how it went from neighbours enjoying each others company to friends opening Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar.

In this episode we cover

  • how Brunswick Aces got started from garage distilling traditional alcoholic spirits to adding non-alcoholic variants to help keep everyone included and part of the fun when people weren’t drinking.
  • the way in which the Brunswick Aces Sappir is made and how it is 50% of what is contained in the Aces traditional Gin products.
  • The taste profiles of each of the Brunswick Aces Spades Sapiir and the Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir
  • The use cases for each of the products with the Spades being the traditional juniper led classic tasting product, while the Hearts pays homage to Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere with warm spiced notes crafted from Australian botanicals
  • The way the Aces online store has developed and the range that is available
  • The other amazing producers and creators in the space
    • Clovendoe
    • Ovant
    • Heaps Normal
    • Zythologist
    • Etch
  • what the team are looking to do on the rebound out of COVID and the outdoor setup that is on the cards
  • the way the team are looking to grow the presence of non-alcoholic bars through Melbourne and Australia; and
  • The cocktails that are available and in the works for the Aces products as well as a new Diamond Blend Sapiir that is on the way!
Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir on bar top

Brunswick Aces: Drinks and Links

The King Louis non alcoholic cocktail on Brunswick aces bar top

Brunswick Aces Episode Transcript

Australia’s First Non-Alcoholic Bar, Brunswick Aces – Steve Lawrence (CEO & Co-Founder)

Jonathan: [00:00:00] So you would have heard in the intro that Brunswick cases are Australia’s very first non-alcoholic bar and bottle shop. And today I have Steve Lawrence, who is the co-founder and CEO of Brunswick ACEs with me. And we are going to be chatting all things, hearts and spades appear at the bar itself and all the other things that they’re looking to do on the flip side of COVID and all the amazing drinks they’ve got going down there as well as always, you can find everything we talk about today. And that will have the show notes with all of the information around the drinks, the bar, and where you can find everything to do with Brunswick cases as well. So that is typical forward slash session 0 1 1, alternatively, jump over to Instagram and check out what’s going on over there.

And you can find me at tipples zero drinks. That’s at T I P P L E zero. Drinks on Instagram alrighty, let’s jump into the chat with Steve. Steve. Welcome to the non-alcoholic drinks podcast. It’s great to have you on board

Steve: today.

It’s fantastic to be here. Thank you for having

Jonathan: us.

No, that’s all good. And I remember [00:01:00] seeing you guys grow and develop and thinking to myself. Wow. These guys have got so much media coverage and it was around that time. I got the first article from the age when you guys first were looking to launch, I think it was March or April in 2021.

And then there was just a steady stream from all my friends who were like, have you been there? Have you tried the stuff?

Have you tried the drinks? And it was just amazing to see the growth and the interest from people who would normally never drink a non-alcoholic drink as soon as there’s a place to go and something to do in true Melbourne style. Everyone was extremely interested in. It would be great to actually learn a little bit how you got from the idea of maybe we should do something non-alcoholic to the idea of, well, you know what, we’ve got an idea of non-alcoholic drink.

Maybe we should start a bar as well. I feel like there’s such a process between the idea and inception to the actual execution and delivering on having a bar of all

Steve: things.

Yeah, it looks certainly to your point. We were blown away by the amount of attention. We always knew that non-alc space was growing and it’s something people are really interested in, but even we didn’t realize that people were quite as interested in it [00:02:00] at that point.

Look, certainly, as you pointed out, we didn’t really start out with the intentions of starting Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar, but our path has led us there. Like ultimately, we just started as well. I was going to say friends, but not even friends at that point, we were literally just neighbours. There was five of us living at number five, six and seven on our street, literally next door to each other.

We were all from a similar stage in life. We’re all in our early thirties, we had varying different careers. I’m an engineer, we’ve got a scientist and an accountant, someone in marketing or in physics, we. Had these different things going on, but we all came together over a shared love of food and drink.

It’s a bit cliche, but we used to get together every Monday and watch game of Thrones. And obviously that was often proceeded by a bit of food, and we would have drinks afterwards. And because we were all, you know, very much into that sharing, we came from various different places around the world, bringing all of our cultures together.

The obvious answer is doing it by a food and drink. We all do it. And we see it in so many. Areas of the world. It’s you break bread together. You have a drink together. It’s a really fantastic way of [00:03:00] bonding ultimately. And so those neighbours became friends. We realized that we actually had an advantage in the sense that all those different expertise, you know, I could build a still, but I couldn’t operate.

Cam our scientist was able to develop all these beautiful flavours and fragrances. And so we did. Brewing beer. We started making wine among all the other food products and then eventually got on to distilling. We all had a shared love of alcohol in terms of what goes into it, as opposed to just getting drunk.

And so we created this beautiful botanical mix ended up as a gin, and we would share that in our cocktail evenings again. Bonded us even further. And this is where our story changed and led us down this path, which we noticed when someone wasn’t drinking, which was very frequent in our group. All of us at various times of have and continued to have periods where we aren’t drinking for whatever reason, whether it be pregnancy, whether it be exercise, whether it just be having a break.

What we found was that we missed out on the fund. Joining in and having those cocktails, whether it was making them or sharing them or drinking them the whole [00:04:00] experience. So you, you were a bystander at that point, if you weren’t drinking. So for us, again, none of us were really in it to get drunk. We thought surely we can develop a similar products that has all the hallmarks or those beautiful botanicals that we were distilling just without any alcohol.

And between us. We were obviously able to, we were Australia’s first non alcoholic, distillers way back in 2017, just literally distilling out of our garage or garages. And we had three of them. Production garage engineering garage and warehouse garage at the time. And that started us off on this journey.

So for us, it was a bit of a side hustle. If you will, to use the modern terminology, we developed it slowly. We got some stockists on board, more and more people would come over and see what we were doing. We were offering everything know we’re very much about inclusivity, as opposed to insisting someone never drinks, always drinks or whatever it might be.

It’s whatever your choice. We want everyone to be drinking that same drink fast forward a couple of years. And we actually now stock both what’s really important to us is that inclusivity side of things. So the hearts and spades [00:05:00] blends that you mentioned before, both of them come in alcoholic and non-alcoholic so whatever your preference is on an evening, whether you’re drinking or not alcohol.

You can always share in that flavour experience and feel like you’re bonding with whoever you’re selling.

Jonathan: I think that’s really important. It sounds like it grew so organically from the requirement to just kind of hang out with friends and then build to something of, maybe we’ve got something here.

Maybe we should try something different. And then all of a sudden you’ve got that pace where there is that little bit of a divide between people simply because. You know, health reasons or, um, sporting reasons. And then being able to bring everyone back together is a really great thing about non-alcoholic drinks.

It kind of allows people who are looking to be involved in the moment to actually do that. It sounds like part of the range of the Brunswick ACEs range is the hearts and the spades superior. So the flavour profiles are no, are quite different between the two. Um, could you run us through a little bit around the spades and the heart’s flavour profiles?


Steve: look, certainly [00:06:00] you’re doing my job for me here. This is exactly what we’re after. It’s that shared experience that’s so important. And so the spades was first, as I mentioned, we started making it, uh, as an alcoholic version. It was inspired. Classic gins like a Bombay Sapphire has got that kind of savory there’s things like cardamom in there got coriander.

It’s not in that sweet palette that you would typically associate with a soft drink. For instance, it’s complex. It’s nuanced for us. We were really proud of the great Australian native botanicals around. So we’ve added lemon Myrtle in there. We’ve also got pepper berry Tasmanian mountain pepper.

Fantastic. Unique flavours that are married beautifully with some of those more traditional global flavours. We know we have things like pink, grapefruit in there at lime possibly that really rounded out and accentuate the fantastic elements that we’ve got from Australia. Now, for us, we started with that alcoholic version, the spades gin, as it was, as it is now.

And then we essentially took the alcoholics. In our process, we actually distil with no alcohol whatsoever for the superior. And what’s [00:07:00] actually unique about how we’ve ended up with those two products is that we distil a completely non alcoholic Sapir. So we individually distil all of those different botanicals.

We had to change to that. Processing and distilling because without alcohol in the distillation process, it’s much more difficult to extract those delicate aromatics that are what we’re chasing the nuanced complex flavours, particularly in that outside of the sweet area that you would typically get in soft drinks that don’t carry such a complex process.

So we distil them all individually and then blend them up. And in order to match that with an, with the alcoholic, the twin, we actually over distilled to two 80% when we just deal with alcohol to get a really smooth product. And then we cut that back with our non-alcoholic Sapir. So if you buy a bottle of our alcoholic gin at 40% path of that is actually non-alcoholic Sapir.

So we’re really trying to marry those two together. And what we’ve found is that on our gin side, it’s a really beautiful, smooth product. Different kind of parts of the hits different parts of your mouth, because we normally, it wouldn’t be distilled without alcohol or at least [00:08:00] half of it wouldn’t be distilled without alcohol.

So it’s really interesting for both those drinking and not drinking in that sense with the hearts, it was slightly different. We actually went the other way around. We, couple of us are from the Northern hemisphere and missed out at Christmas on all of those really warm spiced and eggnog or a mulled wine.

And so we felt that those that aren’t drinking should be treated to that kind of flavour palette. And so what started out as a bit of a Christmas blend that wasn’t supposed to stay on has now been put into that hearts blend name, because people just love that style. And again, it’s a way from sweet, but it’s got all the.

The complexities that people miss out on in a real winter warmer, but to be honest, it can be used across the year and they’ve got some great qualities. And again, the complexity that everyone’s looking for in a really interesting adult tasting drink, they’re all there. And then again, we’ve just married that up and made an alcoholic version so that it can all be shared.

Jonathan: And I think

touching on the piece around the development of the non-alcoholic drinks is really quite important because the use of [00:09:00] the alcoholic versions and really cutting them with this appears almost allows for the benefit and the betterment of both products at the end of that.

Steve: Yeah, it looks certainly the case that for us cities, if they are married together, the non-alcoholic space is growing and it’s in its infancy.

And there’s people going in different directions, some fantastic products that are out there have tried to veer away from being too similar to an alcohol. The comparison sometimes just because they’re looking at something different others, because they don’t want it to be triggering for those that are trying to cut back from alcohol.

But again, because our ethos is so much about bringing people together and having two people or more people sat down at a table on some aren’t drinking for us, it was really important that we married them. And yeah, I think I agree it’s it creates a more complex development pathway for us because we have to consider how it plays in an alcoholic version and how it plays in a non alcoholic.

Obviously we try and make them similar so that you can have the same cocktail and all of those key notes that come through are still there and match. But ultimately, as you can imagine, ethanol. [00:10:00] Flavours through in a different way to when there isn’t any there. So the products do come across as different, but can very easily be made similar, particularly in when they’re in a mixed into a cocktail.

So if

Jonathan: you’ve got these two distinct products, which one, which has that, that Christmas-y feel that warm feel and then the more traditional style of the spades.

Steve: Yes. Both of them have Juniper in for us. It’s because Juniper is such a great base and we can add in all of those flavours and people are so familiar with it and used to it.

Certainly if I was to recommend someone wanting a traditional GNT, a non-alcoholic GNT or an essence in our particular case for a severe and tonic, I would be angling them towards the Spade’s blend. But certainly it’s a contemporary style. Gin is what we’d class, the, the hearts, as we’re actually just about to bring out our diamonds blend, which is much more focused on a completely traditional.

Gin style. So we’re very excited about that. It’s in its final stages of development. God knows how many iterations we’ve gone through of late. If you’re like, we’ve been lining them up along the bar during COVID to go through [00:11:00] all that development. And in some ways it’s perhaps been useful that no one else has been in the buffer for a few months, it’s given us time to focus and

Jonathan: get that out.

Okay. I’m going to say that would probably be the only benefit of COVID being full access and unfettered access to the bar as

Steve: you play. Yeah. Yeah. It’s certainly been tough to find the positives, but we’re getting a couple of there

Jonathan: with the product development, like the spades and now the diamond blend as well.

You guys have built your own distillery.

Steve: Is that right? Yeah. Look going back to the beginning of the lockdown, I know the positive that’s come out of it is that we decided at that point it was obviously difficult for us to get out there and show people what we were doing. And so we turned off focus, inwards, and decided that.

Build our own distillery. I mentioned that we develop the product ourselves in our garage, and we had a small scale distillery. We then as demand grew, we quickly outstripped the supply that could come out of, out of our garages. And so we started contract, manufacturer it with a local distiller.

Ultimately, that was great and it moved us along, but we lost touch with our product. It’s much more favourable for us to be able to directly [00:12:00] influence, particularly because we individually distil all of the elements. Yeah. Even the changes in some of the products that we get in, because they’re all fresh botanicals, seasonal changes.

And instead of trying to instruct a contract manufacturer to do that, we’ve now taken that in-house because we can’t just go and buy a non-alcoholic still off the shelves. We had to go back to our, our engineering, our science roots, and we’ve developed the process and the equipment specifically for what we’re doing.

And so we now have a dedicated non-alcoholic. There was a bit of messing around and they didn’t all work immediately, but we’ve now got them cranking in. Yeah, we’ve got a 2,100 litter still pumping out our product in the heart of Brunswick, which is

Jonathan: great. Right. That’s so interesting. So you guys develop the whole product and process

Steve: yourself.

Yeah, correct. Again, I think if we’d have been setting out to start a business, it was probably some cheaper ways of going about doing this or, you know, getting other people to do it. But ultimately, because we were just exploring these products and enjoying the process. As I said, I’m an engineer and we’ve got a scientist on board cam, he’s got a PhD and he’s probably quite overqualified, but for [00:13:00] us it was that exploration was fantastic.

And we’ve ended up with this product. That’s come out of it. That’s completely authentic. And there’s a hundred percent ours ultimately allows us to now help others. We do white label manufacturing for a couple of other brands on the back of that. And helping others get into the market is. Yeah, that’s

Jonathan: brilliant.

So it goes back to the piece around that we mentioned at the start around inclusivity and actually being able to bring everybody into the space, whether they’re making a similar product or something out of the ordinary and giving everyone the ability to help grow the category in itself.

Steve: Yeah. 100%. As I said, that’s really at the core of what we do. It’s about bringing people together and whether that’s around a table for some drinks or into our bar, we don’t look at the other people. In the market as competitors they’re running alongside us, we’re all moving in the same direction, pushing this category forward as much like yourself in the part that you’re playing as well.

That we’re all really important Cokes or working towards this future that we see of normalizing being able to choose whether or not you drink alcohol. And so every decision we make, whether it is opening up our stills [00:14:00] to. People to do distillery tours that were outside of COVID restrictions. We run every week and we teach people what we did and how we do it.

We’ve made the still as a key feature of the bar. So you can sit at the bar and there were these big glass panels behind the bar, and you can see. To the stills and we’ve customized them. So they’ve got our branding, laser welded on the front just to really hit home that these are something different than something special.

And then even extending that through all of the products that we stock in the bar. It’s not just ask spirits. It’s a whole heap of others predominantly from around Australia, but also internationally that we bring in specifically, we’ve got beers, we’ve got wines. We’re really trying to encourage people to come in and try them.

Have it in such a fantastic setting that you don’t necessarily get, because a lot of places, obviously it’s changing now, but a lot of places have such small lists. You can’t really go somewhere and try different things. So that was ultimately the reason why we put the bar together because we saw that.

Wow. [00:15:00] Venues we’re coming on board and might have a couple of options. There was no where someone could go and really just explore everything. We’ve got over a hundred drinks on offer across all of those different categories or all non alcoholic Baba, the one alcoholic drink, which is RGN just to make sure we do include everyone, but ultimately that was the, the ethos.

And that was the rationale behind starting the.

Jonathan: Like he didn’t have enough to do in terms of producing the products, launching it into retail. And then you’re like, well, why don’t we just start opening a bar and bottle shop as well? So you’ve got over a hundred products, like you said, available. And it is out there in Western street in Brunswick east.

So what are some of the types of drinks that you provide? Because I know I’ve been. Uh, thankfully between COVID lockdowns and managed to get myself the Brunswick and a couple of other cocktails. What’s the cocktail list look


Steve: looking at the moment we started off with about 10 we’ve tried to balance it.

So the Brunswick who does happen to have our superior in it, and there’s one, we have one product or one cocktail. We are spade superior, and one cocktail with our hearts appear. But all the others, [00:16:00] all the other cocktails are made using products from again, predominantly Australia. So are a fantastic bunch of distillers.

Clovendoe distil in Queensland, we have got altered from Sydney. There is a whole range. And then we are even moving into say Monday distillery. They make pre-mixes so you can grab them at the bar. We have also got companies like non that do again. When I was talking about some products. The represent an alcoholic cousin, the guys at Monday, we will do a G and T without any alcohol in a can.

Whereas the team at non have know very much gone down this wine alternative. So, it doesn’t resemble wine, but it’s this fantastic drink that you can then pair really wonderfully with food. Similar to that. We’ve got etched down in the Mornington peninsula. They make premixed, sorry, not premixed. They make mixes, but again, for them, they’ve tried not to make it emulate an alcoholic alternative.

So it’s completely different. They use some wonderful native ingredients. And moving across into the beer [00:17:00] world. Some of the national favourites almost now keeps normal a firmly on our list. We’ve just, we’ve got the, uh, smaller distillery called the cytologists that we’ve partnered up with. And they’ve just brought out a beautiful new beer called again, we’re really encouraging all of those kinds of producers.

They’ve never had a non-alcoholic before and we’ve worked with them. We actually did some trials in between COVID. Got a heap of our regulars to come in and do some tests on them. That’s kind of part of what we, we like to do. So people that regularly frequent the bar or got an email saying, Hey, do you want to try out this, these fantastic new beers?

And we gave them two or three different options and to the community, we were literally involved in picking, what was that next beer? Opening it up, making sure it’s not just a transactional experience. It, so you feel like you’re part of something we’ve consciously made all the furnishings really plush.

We want people to come in and feel like they’re at home from one perspective, but then also being treated to something really special. We want to make it an experience and [00:18:00] not just somewhere to come and grab

Jonathan: a drink. Yeah. It is really building and fostering that culture. Bringing people together and building that sort of category, not only for people who are drinking non-alcoholic, but giving people who are drinking alcoholic drinks to come as well.

Given, you’ve got the alcoholic gin there as well, but on the piece of the subterranean actually just bought out a four pack of those and sent him those because they are remarkable. It’s got an amazing level of depth to the beer that you wouldn’t think of from a. Based tasting beer. It was quite interesting to taste.

And also like you touched on the cloven dough and then the Ovant they’re also great options, as well as you know, you’ve always got the original in the space, the heaps normal, she’s always a go-to. So it’s great to kind of hear that all of those are on offer and able to be accessed down at the bar there.

So in terms of the bar itself, I know that you host a lot of events down there and have other things going when it is open. What are some of the events that were hosted, for example, before COVID or between opening and closing through the.

Steve: Yeah, it looks certainly it’s something that, again, bringing people together is what we’re all about.

And so being able to host [00:19:00] people like Joe stock, she’s a brand ambassador and is obviously a huge proponent within the non-alcoholic space. She’s done a couple of book readings, and unfortunately a couple of them have had. I’ve had to be postponed due to COVID, but certainly postponed and not cancelled.

We’re expecting them to, to occur in November sometime. And we want to do more of that. It was a really great event that we held just before the last or this lockdown, when it came into effect, we got people through the door. Jill was that to answer on some people’s questions live or give a reading.

Obviously everyone could try a couple of drinks and then everyone stayed around afterwards and, and was able to mingle and discuss. And again, most people particularly, if they’re not drinking again, it is changing. It’s not a taboo per se. It wasn’t a taboo. It wasn’t necessarily this, something that people came together around them.

We’re now hoping to be part of that changing, going actually you can drink drinks. Lots of Trone immigrate because it is it’s pushing the boundaries and the team that as [00:20:00] ideologists, they’re all. Scientists PhDs and things for them. It’s a real, it’s a real science. There’s obviously always some art that comes into it, but bringing people like that that have always made fantastic craft, small batch beers into the non-alcoholic spaces.

We’re just so excited to be able to help them and facilitate that. But we’re distributing that for. Across the spectrum, whether it’s on our website or wholesale or helping other bars to curate menus that we’re starting to do now, everyone’s eyeing up freedom day. And again, to your point, we have taken on a little bit more than perhaps we could chew, but there was the demand there for it.

As soon as we went into lockdown, all the people that have booked in to come to the bar saying, where am I going to get my drinks from? It’s not necessarily in their local bottle shop. And simultaneously we said, all right, look, let’s ramp up our website. That was we’ve had the website ever since we started, but it was always in quite a small context just with our products and a couple of others, all of these other brands that we were working with, [00:21:00] we’ve been really proud to be able to add them to our websites and push that products as well, and make sure over everyone can access it.

We’ve pushed over. And we’re now trying to, we now give. Free next day, delivery around Melbourne. If there’s not much we can do about the other states, particularly at the moment with COVID, we’re trying to make it as accessible as possible. Again, some people have said, oh, look, while I liked buying online, what I’d really love is for it to be in my local bottle shop or my local bar, what can you do there?

And we also wholesale to those people. Now, whenever we get questions, Hey, I’d love this to be in my local. We’re not saying, oh, you have to come to us. We’ll say, look, send them our way we can wholesale all of our range. We’ve set up this beautiful bar. What we’re saying to those people, don’t feel like you’ve got to explore it all yourselves, come in, we’ll take you through all the products and you can pick the ones that you want to pass onto your local community and really getting the message out there is what we’re all about.

Jonathan: Like you touched on, it’s really important to have that central focus of let us help you find what you like and let us help you get into the drinks that you know, you’re going to like based off your tastes and. In terms of going forward and in terms of what you’re looking to achieve with a Brunswick cases into a post COVID world and into a 20 22 world what’s on the plate there, like you said, you’ve got the diamond when coming out, but in terms of a post COVID world, what else is on the cards?

Steve: It’s more of the same, very much everything we do is going to just be trying to push the message out. We’ve got a few of these structures in place, whether it’s wholesale, whether it’s online, whether it’s the bar. We want to get to a point where it’s as accessible for everyone as it is for the locals to Brunswick.

And so we are in talks with a couple of other companies to do some franchise bars around Melbourne, and then potentially also further a field in Sydney in Queens. We get calls and messages all the time with people saying that they love our product. So they love the other products that we stock. When can, when can you open a bar now?

We’re certainly not going to be biting off more than we can chew. We want to do these things properly. The last thing we want is to push into an area and not have it patronize. So [00:23:00] from our perspective, it’s going to be focused around Brunswick, but then building from there and, and just making sure everyone’s as available as possible again, as you said, internally, we’ve got products like our diamonds blend that will be coming out and hopefully filling a gap in that, for those that want to really gin like gin for want of a better phrase.

Certainly some cocktails, um, are going to benefit from that. It’s going to open not only our bartenders up to more options, but also all the other bars that are coming on board.

Jonathan: Great. So it sounds like there is a truckload coming through the pipe once we get out of, or once we get to freedom day, I should say, I also did want to touch on your couple of favourite cocktails with each of the ACEs blend.

So if you had to choose one of each, what would you land on?

Steve: Uh, I’ll look, this is always a, it’s always a really tough question because I get biased that Congress passed the, the king Louie, but mainly because that was named after my son, he’s now six months old, really fresh at plays on that, on the savory element [00:24:00] of, of space, but brings in some lime and brings in kind of all of those, um, elements that you typically associate with summer.

And so as we’re moving through spring, I’m licking my lips. As I’m thinking about it now. Sitting on the beach or wherever it might be. I’m getting stuck into something that for all the world tastes like I’m having a premium cocktail that might have had alcohol in it, but, you know, I can drive home or I can be nice and clear headed for whatever I’m doing.

Like to that day I can get out and swim and really enjoy the, all those things we haven’t been able to enjoy. Then on the heart side, it’s saved. It is probably diminishing. We’ve certainly been talking into a fair few hearts cocktails of late. And just with going through, going through winter and cosying up by the fire, ultimately I’d probably be erring over towards a couple of our friends that are vaunt or even after the guys at Clover and dove some of their hearty of blends as well, really lean in.

So I probably don’t have a favourite in terms of that side of things, but we do have a couple of new cocktails. Can’t disclose just yet, but the team have been [00:25:00] working on them from home over, over COVID and was a bit of a treat for when we reopened. There will be a few new cocktails on the list and particularly some classics.

So again, a lot of our customers have come in and they love what we’ve shown them in terms of all of these fantastic different cocktails. So we opened the bar with, but because we didn’t necessarily have a firm list of classic cocktails, that’s been one of the number one requests has been. Can I get an espresso martini?

Can I get a Tom Collins, kind of long island ice tea is a bit of a stretch, but, um, all of those, the cosmos, even the team have been working on, on our classics list. And so again, when the bar opens, people are going to be able to come in and share in those and those classic.

Jonathan: Yeah, great. Everyone’s going to have to get down and try it all out and make sure they can get access to them as soon as we’re allowed back out and about.

Steve: Absolutely. Yeah. Look, we can’t wait to be welcoming people back into the door. It’s sad while the distillery’s been running through COVID, you know, it’s not the same without people in there. And [00:26:00] so as soon as we can throw open the doors, we’re really looking forward to it. And one of the big differences will be.

We’re ramping up our outside space, partly because of the COVID restrictions will make it easier for us to open. But again, with summer coming, we’re going to have a, an outdoor area where people can come and sit and there’ll be some soft furnishings and some beanbags and more of almost like a picnic style, as well as some longer, a German style beer tables, almost for people to come around on this umbrellas under the deck with sunlight, with the trees that we’ve got in the, at the front, we’re really looking forward to being able to.

Yeah, open up more of those experiences, not just that kind of warm, cosy feel that we’ve created inside, but that some are fresh garden, a vibe that people would just have always loved about Melbourne. Let’s do that just without any alcohol. That sounds

Jonathan: great. It’s all coming together. And those beanbags sound like they’re going to get a bit of a workout provided the, the rain stays away.

Present now, Steve, thanks. It’s been great to chat to you today and hear everything that raspberry cases are up to where they’ve come from and where everything’s going. And people can find you online to look at the [00:27:00] bar itself and also booking the tours once everything’s up and going as well as buy from the web store over at Brunswick, and also over at Brunswick ACEs on Instagram.

Isn’t that right?

Steve: Yeah. Look at the website is getting a bit of an upgrade because we’re trying to create that hub. We want people to be at a common find out about recipes. We want people to be able to cover. By-products get their up, get their updated stock up their cupboards. It’s, it’s really a community that we’re trying to build and that the website is going to be the focus for that.

Jonathan: Well, I look forward to coming down and getting back in there after we open up again and touching base and saying, hello, Steve, thanks again, mate. It’s been great to chat and I will chat to you soon. We’ll keep the seat

Steve: we’ll keep a seat warm for you mate, cheers.

Jonathan: Alrighty. Well, that is the end of my chat with Steve. It’s been really great to hear a little bit around the way that the team has grown and developed through COVID and pivoted to enable people to keep getting the most out of their non-alcoholic drinks at a time when they couldn’t get down to the bar.

So, if you’re looking for any info from today’s [00:28:00] episode, you can find it all forward slash session zero one. And I will drop in all of the information about the hearts appear, the Speights appear and the cocktails that you can make from the drinks as well. And also give you a bit of information around the bar and where you can find it.

So, head over to, and get all the info there until next time. That is the end of the episode, and I will chat to you guys soon. Bye.

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