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PhD scientists and engineers walk into a bar… Normally you’d expect a joke to follow. I’m here to tell you the Citronium IPA by the science-based Zythologist brewery team is serious!

Citronium is a truly enjoyable fresh, citrus-based, lightly malty and balanced non-alcoholic beer. You will find immediate hoppy flavours of lemon and citrus, from lemon drop hops. These are then complemented by biscuit and cookie-like notes from the use of Rye Malt and Munich malt.

Key Takeaways
Style:  IPA Beer
Calories: N/A
Colour: Hazy Golden
Main Notes: Lemon Citrus + Lemon Myrtle.
Food Pairing: Vermicelli Noodle Bowl
Cost: ~$15 – 17 Rating: 7.5 /10

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What does it Taste Like | Where to Buy? 

Curious about what a science-based beer tastes like? You should be, more below!

close up of Citronium can and glass

What Does Citronium Taste Like?

The Citronium is a balance of hoppy citrus notes and a malty base that balances fresh bright flavours with rounded malty notes.

In each glass of Citronium you will find a silky foamy head with a clearly well developed and multi-layered flavour profile that delivers your taste buds:

  1. Freshness – think Lemon and a distinct flavour of lemon myrtle;
  2. Rounded malty notes – think biscuity, cookie-like malts;
  3. A final wave of citrus; and
  4. hints of bitterness.

While you might be thinking that the citrus is likely to be overpowering, it is anything but. The malty base balances the flavour profile out well and creates a surprisingly rounded flavour profile.

Mouthfeel gets a thumbs up due to the silky body making up this beer with a light carbonation.

Still unsure whether its for you? I got you covered below.

Where Can I Buy Citronium?

Buying a 4 pack is straightforward both online and in-store at Brunswick Aces as well as from the crew over at The Zythologist.

The good folks down at Aces hit me up with a surprise delivery 4-pack and I’ve since bought another from them.

In terms of price, a 4-pack will cost you between approx. ~$15 – $17. Compared to other options it comes in on par with the Big Drop Paradiso IPA and well under the Vandestreek Playground IPA (approx. 24 – $26).

If you’re keen to pick yourself up a bottle the links are all below:

Citronium can and glass in hand held in front of me

Who is Citronium for?

A beer drinker who enjoys citrus, IPAs or even sours is going to enjoy what the Citronium has to offer. The malty base and silky mouthfeel also mean that this is a beer that is likely to tap into the pilsner fanbase too.

Needless to say, if citrus or hoppy beer is not something you enjoy, by all means give it a go, but it’s right there in the name, you know what you’re in for from the jump!

Additionally, if you’re not the biggest fan of malty sweetness coming through or a biscuity based malt consider going for something with more bitterness.

For me this is right on the edge of the sweetness line, however the citrus keeps it in check.

When to drink Citronium.

The Citronium is the perfect knock off work beer, the fresh, bright and malty notes help you leave the day behind the keyboard, on site or in the lab behind and transition swiftly into an evening of relaxing on the couch, catching up with friends or that side hustle.

How is Citronium Made?

Through modification of the traditional brewing process, including using specific non-alcoholic yeast the Zythologist team have designed a process that:

  1. is built around magnum, El Dorado and Lemondrop hops;
  2. adds botanicals of Lemon Myrtle and Old Man’s Saltbush; and
  3. builds body with Rye malt and Lactose.

A modified process, the addition of unique adjuncts and a whole lot of science have gone into this creation.

The Zythologist team are on a path to redefining the brewing process and are doing so with the support of the Monash University Chemical Engineering department and Monash BrewLab.

The Round Up: Final Thoughts

Having brewed with lemon-based adjuncts before while being a huge fan of challenging the status quo and disrupting the way ‘it’s always been done’, I’m a big fan of what the Zythologist crew are developing here.

  1. By creating a beer that balances competing notes of pointed citrus and rounded malts with a silky body this is beer that will appeal to a wide range of people.
  2. Will some people find it nudge too sweet? Yes. Personally, my pallet skews more to sharper, bitter beers but the citrus manages to hold the sweetness in check.
  3. I’m fan and have already bought a second 4-pack to get it in the hands of others.

For me = 7.5 / 10! Get yourself a 6 pack now!