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Funky Monkey bring to your glass a range of 5 non-alcoholic wines that all lean on some brilliant South Australian grown grapes and the latest non-alcoholic wine making techniques.

Find out more about the range below.


Funky Monkey Wine Explained

As far as non-alcoholic wine goes, the Funky Monkey is one to keep on your radar, it sits within the Fourth Wave Wine portfolio and is grown by the winemaking team over at Hear No Evil.

Funky Monkey produces a non-alcoholic range of wines that include zero alcohol pinot noir, rose, sparkling and pinot grigio. The range is focused on core drinking styles and is designed to stand up to the process of removing alcohol while staying clean and fresh even after the alcohol is removed.

What is Funky Monkey Wine?

The range of Funky Monkey is easy to access and made up of a core drinking range of 5 that includes:

  1. Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir (hold up here, I wrote a review here that you’ll want to read if you want a wine that tastes like Pinot) ;
  2. Zero Alcohol Rose (if light crisp and mineral profiled rose is your thing, I wrote a review for you to get across this wine ASAP over here!);
  3. Zero Alcohol Pinot Grigio;
  4. Blanc de Blancs sparkling; and
  5. Zero Alcohol Prosecco.

Each of the wines are further detailed for you below!

Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir

You can read my full review here, but in a nutshell, this Zero Alcohol Pinot is a non-alcoholic red wine that ACTUALLY tastes like wine.

It is made with Pinot grapes grown by the Hear No Evil team all without pesticides. (Done enough reading? Find a bottle here)

Funky Monkey Pinot Noir in hand with Jonathan behind it Funky Monkey Pinot Noir bottle and glass with wine in it on a bench

Funky Monkey Non-Alcoholic Rose

The Zero Alcohol Rose is a light, minerally and soft non-alcoholic Rose that is produced with the Pinot Noir grape variety and, much like the Pinot, is also made by the Hear No Evil team.

You can check out my Full Review Here to learn more about it or pick up a bottle now and try it for yourself!

Non-Alcoholic Rose in a glass Pouring Non-Alcoholic Rose into a glass

Funky Monkey Non-Alcoholic Pinot Grigio

The still white in the range is produced with South Australian Pinot Grigio grapes and will leave your glass with citrus, pear and apple notes and some sweetness from all that fruitiness.

The team have suggested drinking it with your fish and chips so what better excuse to order an extra dim sim or two. Grab a bottle for Fish and Chip Friday!

Non-Alcoholic Blanc de Blancs sparkling

Fun fact, the Sparkling in the range is created with a trio of varieties, Chardonnay, Semillon, and Colombard! This one is fruity, bubbly and has an acidic bite to finish, it is really well priced as an everyday’er.

I will say, I just love the fact they’ve done away with the cork and made it bottle capped, it adds some flair and ‘my-rules-my-way’ to it!. (Buy Now)

Zero Alcohol Prosecco 

I’ve never heard of a sparkling described as smelling like ‘lemon sherbert and just cut apples’.

This is the newest wine in the range and one I am keen to get my hands on, try and report back to see if it lives up to its fruity and bubbly nature.

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This non-alcoholic wine range brings familiar styles to your glass with a difference, no alcohol. Each wine in the range is expertly handcrafted and created with South Australian grapes. As a nice string in the bow, the range of Non-Alcoholic Wine by the team is wide enough to cover every situation from a Sunday afternoon with friends, a weekend birthday party or a mid-week white with that pasta you whipped up in 15 minutes after that day of zoom calls.

Funky Monkey Range

Where to Buy Funky Monkey Wine.

Leveraging the distribution power of Fourth Wave Wines means good things if you’re looking to get your hands on a bottle.

With wines available in a wide range of different locations you’re going to be able to track one down relatively easily whether it is online or IRL.

Check out the links to help you track down a bottle or case:

Looking for the latest non-alcoholic drinks news? Check out the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast and the Tipple Zero Blog.

non alcoholic pinot noir bottle on bench

Who makes Funky Monkey Wine?

Funky Monkey wine forms part of the Fourth Wave Wine portfolio of wines. If the name sounds familiar that is because Fourth Wave Wine have another non-alcoholic wine in their range, that being the wildly popular and increasingly available Plus and Minus.

Crafting a bottle of Funky Monkey is a true Fourth Wave Wine team effort. Each wine in the range began its journey with grapes grown and sourced from the South Australian vineyards that belong to the team over at Hear No Evil – an alcoholic wine brand in the Fourth Wave Wine portfolio.

From there, Fourth Wave Wine use their expertise and local knowledge to craft the Funky Monkey range in a way that lands it with zero alcohol and, as the Funky Monkey team put it, zero monkey business!

Who is Fourth Wave Wine?

If you’re not across Fourth Wave Wine, they are an Australian based and family-owned wine producer and distributor that:

  • found their feet in 2009; and
  • have a portfolio of over 40 traditional alcohol and zero alcohol wine brands that include some quality household names.

Non-Alcoholic Rose in a glass