Dark and Stormy, spicy and lively. If there is one thing this Monday Distillery concoction can promise its a true surprise for your senses!


Monday Dark and Stormy Review 

The Monday Dark and Stormy is built on spiced rum and leaves with a drink that replicates a handmade cocktail you can reach for right from your fridge.

Seriously, it’s built on warm spice, includes bright citrus and it’s hot, literally hot (the heat from chilli is real)!

Find out more about the dark horse of the Monday Distillery range below.

Key Takeaways

ABV: <0.5%.
Style: Ready to drink cocktail
Calories: 1.4 calories/bottle
Colour:  Deep Yellow/Golden
Main Notes: Ginger, Spiced  rum + Lime. 


If you’re a fan of warm, spicy and bold drinks and don’t mind a punch of chilli-based heat – you’re going to want to read on.

So check out what might just be the most interesting drink in the Monday Distillery range below.

Monday Dark and Stormy Non alcoholic cocktail

What does it taste like?

The Monday Dark and Stormy is complex and spicy. With each glass you’ll be treated to:

  • a base of spiced rum – bringing warm rounded flavours;
  • lots of ginger – bringing zing and bounce
  • citrus notes from lime – for freshness; and
  • the star of the show chilli – for some proper heat that builds and lingers!

Crafted with some great carbonation like the whole Monday Distillery range – the Monday Dark and Storm brings some brilliant heat and zing creating a pretty unique and unforgettable mouthfeel.

Monday Dark and Stormy Non alcoholic cocktail

What does it smell like?

As you’ve probably guessed, the flavour notes of:

  • ginger;
  • lime; and
  • rum

are quite bold and bright on the senses. So it likely isn’t a surprise that they are front and centre when you twist open a bottle!

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What does it look like?

Borrowing a cliche, I’d suggest this one looks like a ray of sunshine – but being more helpful to you, it is a drink that ebbs and flows between light yellow to deep golden.

It is interesting to see a few of the Monday range like the Dram Sour also having this colour gradient through their drinks – just like any cocktail with the same ingredients would!

Non alcoholic cocktail bottle on bench

When Should I Drink the Dark and Stormy?

So you’ve just finished up dinner and you’re in the mood for something to sip on, or maybe it’s half-time in the grand final and you’re looking to change things up.

The Monday Dark and Stormy fits the bill perfectly, it is a drink you can sit on, enjoy slowly and look the part.

Find out where to get yourself some below.

Monday Dark and Stormy Non alcoholic cocktail

Where to Buy the Monday Distillery.

If the other drinks in the rang are more your thing – check out the Monday Distillery Brand Profile for info on what they’re like and where to pick them up.

But if the Monday Dark and Sour is your jam – as always, I’ve done the groundwork and saved you the headache. Links are below: