The Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast

Join me as I talk all things non-alcoholic drinks while helping you find the latest drinks and sharing stories from drink creators and people who have seen the benefits of non-alcoholic drinks.

What is the Podcast About?

We talk to the 'why', the 'how' and the 'what next' of the non alcoholic drink movement
From local lager to spirits at scale we'll let you know the best ones to try.
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We talk to the people behind the bottle and get their insights into the growing world of new non alcoholic drinks.
We cover the places to discover new drinks and the newest non alcoholic bars to soak up the atmosphere in.

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Non alcoholic drinks podcast new episode - christmas

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #012

The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Christmas & The Holidays

On Episode 12 I’m wrapping up the crazy start to Tipple Zero that has been 2021. I’ll cover some stand out drinks for 2021 and what is on the cards for 2022 and beyond. Listen in and find some amazing beer, wine, spirit and ready to drink options for your holiday period whether you’re cutting out alcohol altogether or simply (like so many of us) reducing your intake.

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #011

Starting Australia’s 1st Non Alcoholic Bar – Brunswick Aces CEO & Co-Founder – Steve Lawrence

Going from neighbours neighbours enjoying food and drink to opening a bar, a non-alcoholic one at that, is stuff dreams are made of! Brunswick Aces CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Lawrence dropped in to talk all about the Brunswick Aces Sapiir products and their plans for the Bar as we start to emerge out of lockdown and into 2022! Listen in!

Brunswick Aces Non Alcoholic Bar
Gnista Spirits Podcast Tile

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #010

Crafting Inspiring Dark Non-Alcoholic Spirits with Gnista Spirits, Erika Ollen – Founder

On Episode 10 (yay for 10 episodes!!) you’re going to find out the revolutionary way that Gnista are throwing the ‘old way’ of creating dark spirits out the window and using the kitchen to guide them to what might just be the best tasting set of non-alcoholic dark spirits. Listen in to the journey Founder Erika Ollen has been on to get the products to market!

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #009

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer with Yes You Can Drinks

In Episode #009 I catch up with Tyler Martin from Yes You Can Drinks to chat all about their Non-Alcoholic Range of ready to drink options straight out of a can! Learn about how you can add this to your lineup just in time for summer! Listen in!

Yes You Can Drinks Tyler Martin Podcast
Banks & Burbidge Non Alcoholic Drinks Podcast

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #008

Mike Graham, Banks & Burbidge Non-Alc Gin

Banks & Burbidge Non-Alcoholic Gin creator Mike Graham drops in to chat all things Banks & Burbidge and its creation. We talk the idea for B&B was born way back when in 2015, how it has progressed to being available in all major retailers and the exciting post-COVID 2022 Mike has planned!

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #007

Getting Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Venue – Amy Armstrong

In Episode #007 Amy from Dry But Wet drops in to chat a topic close to so many of us – getting non-alcoholic drinks into venue. We cover off:

  • Tips on how to ask for and get your favourite alcohol free drinks in venue;
  • Ways you can work around having no non-alc options on the drinks menu;
  • How to find venus stocking non-alcoholic options; and
  • The in’s and out’s of what Amy is up to over at Dry But Wet.
Non Alcoholic Drinks Podcast - Amy Armstrong, Dry But Wet
Non alcoholic drinks podcast with Seadrift Distillery

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #006

Ali and Carolyn Whiteley, Seadrift Distillery

Seadrift Distillery Founders Ali and Carolyn Whiteley join me for episode #006 of the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast to talk all things Seadrift Distillery including the inspiration for, flavour profiles of and the ways in which they’re made with some absolutely undeniable passion!

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #005

Rob Fink, CEO & Founder – Big Drop Brewing Co

In Episode #005 I head across to the UK to chat to Rob Fink, the Founder and CEO of Big Drop Brewing Co. We chat through all the beers they have to offer, as well as their origins and future visions. Rob touches on how the Big Drop team brew in key markets globally and how they see the market for in-venue drinks expanding. Listen in!

Big Drop Brewing Podcast - Rob Fink Image
Vandestreek Bier Non Alcoholic Drinks Podcast

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #004

Ronald Van de Streek, Vandestreek Bier Founder

Episode #004 is all about Vandestreek Bier and I caught up with one half of the founding duo Ronald Van de Streek and we chat all things non-alcoholic beer and how their small brewery accidentally found itself as the poster child for non-alcoholic beers!  Listen in!

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #003

Mary Bernard, Athletic Brewing Co & Ritual Spirits Ambassador

In Episode #003 I dive into chatting with Mary Bernard. Apart from being an all-round great human, Mary has taken on 2021 and decided to put the pandemic to one side and explore a journey of sobriety. Today’s episode is talking about how Mary has found the start of her journey and the community she’s found and built along the way. Listen in!

Going Sober with Mary Bernard
Are non-alcoholic drinks worth it?

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #002

Are Non Alcoholic Drinks Worth It?: Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast

On episode #002 we confront the elephant in the room, the question on everyones lips.  “Are non-alcoholic drinks worth it?”
You will have the topic broken down by looking at:

  • Aroma;
  • Taste; and
  • Mouthfeel.

and by the end, you’ll be able to hone in on drinks perfect for your pallet and have some recommendations you need to try. How do over 40 beers and 10 spirits sound?

Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastEpisode #001

Welcome to the Non Alcoholic Drinks by Tipple Zero

Introducing the non alcoholic drinks podcast by Tipple Zero. In Episode #001 we let you know a bit of our back story, how we got here and let you know that this is the podcast for anyone looking to take the guesswork out of what non-alcoholic drinks to try next, hear from their favourite creators behind the brands and stay up to date with all things zero alcohol products, news and culture.

#001 Tipple Zero non alcoholic Podcast show tile
Jonathan Lambrianidis - Tipple Zero Founder


Bringing you your #1 non alcoholic drinks podcast.
Passionate about getting the word out there, sharing new discoveries and stories from the people I meet along the way are my ‘why’. Whether it is an inspiring non-alcoholic journey, spicy zero alcohol Gin or a creamy milk 0.5% ABV Milk Stout we’ll bring it all to you.