Kicking things off with some background about what the non-alcoholic drinks podcast can do for you, how Tipple Zero came about and a bit about who I am.


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Non Alcoholic Drinks PodcastSHOWNOTES

The Why, What and Who

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast: #001

Your Zero Alcohol Drinks Resource

You might have been struggling with finding information on the best non-alcoholic drinks? 

Maybe you have been looking for one solid source of truth that: 

  • provides you with everything you need to know about non-alcoholic drinks; and 
  • new and exciting drinks to try and where to find them?; and
  • Is here to help develop the community and culture around zero alcohol drinks.

Or, maybe you’re tired of wading through each and every drink out there and wish you had an easy way to find information and reviews on the drinks you have been thinking of trying – to save you the heartache of buying things you don’t like 

Well if any of that sounds like you, there is some good news – TippleZero is exactly what you need!

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What are the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast and Tipple Zero all about?

At Tipple Zero and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast we:

  • are your home of non-alcoholic drinks and they’re the first multi-touch and dedicated non-alcoholic drinks / zero alcohol drinks resource.
  • will bring you the latest news, reviews and interviews with people in the non-alcohlic drink space.
  • will build a community and share the culture around non-alcoholic drinks, events and watering holes.

What the Non-Alcoholic Podcast and Tipple Zero will bring to the table for you:

  • All the latest Drink Reviews
  • A wide range of Brand Write-ups
  • Interviews with people in the industry and stories from people who have been involved with non-alcoholic drinks or been on their own non-alcoholic drinks journey.

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Some of the latest reviews we have out there are:

How did Tipple Zero Get Started?

  • Tipple Zero got started as a result of the frustration that there was no central source of information on all things non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Review websites were focusing on what the taster liked and didnt really talk to what the drink was all about.
  • I was looking to get involved with other people and information in the space to learn more about the drinks, the process behind developing them and help build awareness about the amazing products and people behind them.

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A Little About Me

My full bio and background are over on the about me page.

Keeping it short I started Tipple Zero and the Non-Alcoholic Drinks Podcast because I am passionate about: 

  • getting the word out;
  • sharing new discoveries and stories from people’
  • All the amazing products and options out there; and
  • Creating a new normal for people who choose, cant or dont feel like drinking! 

Episode #001 Transcript

Hello there and thank you for joining me on the non alcoholic drinks podcast brought to you by tipple, where we believe enjoying a drink is all about the taste and the company you’re with while being a little bit less about the alcohol.

 This is the podcast for anyone looking to take the guesswork out of what drink to try next to stay up to date with the latest drink releases. And it’s also somewhere where we’ll be providing you with a bunch of information around the people behind the community behind the brand and those guys who are really making waves. I am your host, Jonathan Lambrianidis. And on today’s episode, we are going to dive into a little bit around the background of Tipple Zero and how we came about what we bring to the table for you and what you can expect to see from us going forward. 

Finally, we’ll wrap with a little bit about who I am and how I came into both the alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink scene. But hey, before we get started, if you’d like to get in touch with me, I am @tipplezerodrinks on Instagram that is at TIPPLE zero drinks on Instagram. Or you can reach me on email at podcast at triple

All right, let’s transition over to today’s very first episode.

Okay, first off, what is Tipple Zero all about? And what do we really bring to the table for you? 

First off, I developed Tipple Zero on the back of really being a little bit frustrated about not having any real resource or any bunch of information out there that spoke to the non alcoholic drink category.

There was really no one source of truth that I could point to or find, sure there were all these different little review websites or kind of forums which had people’s opinions on them. But they were all pretty much – I like drinking this. So I didn’t like the taste of that.

There was no real one place which I was able to go to and be like, hey, I want to find a little bit of info around what I’m ta ting when I drink this, you know what’s coming up from this brand, and who else could I engage with to kind of learn a little bit more about what’s going on in the space.

I was really kind of disappointed at the fact that there were so many good brands making so many cool creations and drinks out there. But there was no way to really find it all out and give these guys exposure and actually start to really create a little community and a little hub around it.

Based off that table zero was born in bringing it to life. My vision here is really to help you seek out and find the drinks that you are likely to like, you currently like and are looking to have them delivered to you because there’s really no point in having a favorite drink if you can’t get it in a store. Or maybe if you’re not keen to go out and get it delivered to your door. I included that because it rhymed, not because it needed to be there.

But we will also be here to help you track down any interesting bars and pubs doing non alcoholic drinks, including those that are really alcohol free exclusive. That one you know that might look like a Brunswick Aces down here in Melbourne or maybe some other really cool little bars and pubs that are doing their own versions of non alcoholic drinks or teaming up with people in the space to really help grow the category and get some exposure for it. 

Additionally, I’ll be sharing as much as I can around tasting and upcoming events. And that way it really gives you an opportunity to get out there and meet the people behind it and engage with people who are also creating in this space, which is a really cool thing to do. 

The last two I’m really excited to talk about and they are hearing from the key people in the industry and that could be a winemaker, a distiller a brewer, or simply someone who had the vision to create the brand and jumped in and was an early adopter. 

The very last one is I’m really excited to build that community and show people that is another option. So another way to the way it’s always been done. I’m keen to do that by sharing stories and really helping discuss people’s alcohol free journeys or maybe the way that they’ve shifted their tastes and their drinking habits and the healthier approach to the consumption of alcohol.

That doesn’t always mean no alcohol quite often it means balancing the two. As someone who has come into non alcoholic drinks through a sporting scene and really needing to get the best recovery I can get. I kind of understand both sides. I understand why you’d go zero alcohol but also the benefits of substituting traditional alcoholic drink with a nonalcoholic drink too. Okay, so you’ve gathered what we’re about and what we’ll be bringing to you but I thought I’d just go back again and touch on a little bit more detail around what you can expect to hear from the non alcoholic drinks podcast and over on in the coming weeks and months. 

So initially, I’ve started building out a few reviews around some beers and some brands as well. Next on my list are some of the non alcoholic spirits, I’ve lined all of them up, I’ve had a very good taste of over 50 or 60, beers, wines and spirits. 

With a few beer reviews up and running – on the podcast and on the website, you will start to see some spirits landing and some more information coming in that space. 

I’m also working on a few interviews to introduce you to new products, information and people as well. So hopefully, that all comes together. And there’ll be some really cool information around new products coming through to the market and new places to go and see and also hear from the people who are creating them and giving us you know, the opportunity to enjoy these amazing drinks without the alcohol in them.

So needless to say, there’s a few different areas in which the information will live and can act as your one source of truth over there, you’ll be able to easily navigate through to all the information I’ve just mentioned. And if you ever have trouble, just drop me an email at podcast at And I can point you in the right direction and help fix the lack of UI on the website as well.

Okay, finally, a little bit about me and how table zero came about. I touched on it a little bit earlier. But I came into the non-alcoholic drink space through my time as a cyclist. 

I have for the better part of 10 years, been someone who has raced their bikes at a fairly elite level, not quite the top tier, but at a level which requires you to sacrifice quite a number of things in your life and alcohol was one of them.

I was always looking for an option to be able to be out with my friends and enjoy the time out. But also not leave me in a debt from an alcohol and a recovery perspective. 

For the most part I’ve been spending my last 10 years justifying why I’m drinking soda water and lime and not really having anything in my glass that is going to get me drunk. 

That is why I’ve really taken a shine to non alcoholic drinks and the category in general and I guess the interest I have going back a step from there is for more than the last 20 years I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up around winemaking be making and more recently the whole distilling process around making spirits.

My dad has been an amazing winemaker for the better part of 20 years albeit a hobby. If you look at the scale of what he does, it would definitely not qualify as a hobby. 

I’ve been working with him in various different roles, whether it’s someone who used to simply ferry for grapes from where they were parked in the driveway through to the cellar all the way through to the one who was responsible for looking after the wine on the daily with the 5am and 5pm punch downs to help keep the caps nice and moist and the fermentation going smoothly. 

With all of that experience and learning through osmosis, I feel like I’ve really developed an interesting way of describing non alcoholic beverages much to the dismay of traditional wine and beer makers. I tend to be a little bit more descriptive to the way that I describe things.

So hopefully I can really bring a regular human element to the information I’m bringing you I’m pretty casual in my style. So hopefully you enjoy it all. 

Before we wrap up I just want to touch on one of the beers that I have reviewed recently at This is the Upside Dawn Golden Ale it is by the Athletic Brewing Co.

It is really quite a nice beer it comes in at 0.5 or less than 0.5 ABV. So alcohol by volume is a really nice golden color and is characterized by its name, which is a Golden Ale. 

It’s not too carbonated. It’s got a nice medium carbonation and its main flavors are really hoppy, fruity and a nice caramel based malt. So it’s one which is actually really quite refreshing, and one way you’d probably want to have it with you if you were out in a barbecue in the summertime or equally if you were having a nice dinner party with some friends. It’s actually a really nice beer to get down while you are enjoying that too. 

In a bit more detail. The presentation of this beer is really quite nice. It’s got a nice fluffy foam at about three and a half centimeters of foam when you pour it and that dissipates quite well through the glass as you drink it, and the small bubbles and medium level carbonation really bring it to life in the glass and it kind of looks a little bit more like an American Pale Ale than it does a Golden Ale. 

Alrighty, what are you smelling when you pick this class up? Essentially, your first smell of this will be a beautiful fruity hops with a solid peach and mango note with a sweet caramel note, while sweet on the nose. 

It’s actually not at all when you drink it when you go back and drink it. It’s got a well placed tropical and fruity taste which is really based in those peaches and those mangoes and the toasty caramel malt underneath it is really, really satisfying and presents with a tiny, tiny bit of sweetness from honey but it’s well and truly offset by the mild bitterness of the fruity tasting hops as you drink it.

So with the Upside Dawn Golden Ale, it’s one that I’d really recommend if you were looking to get into some spicy wings, or some sausages at a barbecue, a lamb or beef roast, and maybe just even some fish. So it goes really well with those kind of hearty dinner type foods and the bitterness there really cut through the characteristics of the foods I’ve mentioned and leave you with a nice balanced and well rounded lunch or dinner experience. 

You can find out more about this beer on the website. And it’s probably a little bit easier to understand what I’m talking about by seeing it on the website in written form. If you’re looking for it on the website, you can find it all in the show notes at 

They are the Show Notes for this episode. And you’ll be able to find all the information on all the bits and pieces we mentioned here today. In there, I’ll drop in the Facebook group, my Twitter handle Instagram handle and the emails, you can contact me on also a little bit about who I am and a little bit about my background too.

Okay, well, that brings us to the end of the first episode. And thank you so much for sticking around and making it all the way through I hope you found a little bit of value in today’s episode and what triple zero can do for you going forward. And like I said, I took all the notes for you over at   

And if you haven’t done so already, it would be great to get in touch with you and you can find me on Instagram or drop me an email at

So this brings us to the end of the first ever non alcoholic drinks Podcast. I am your host, Jonathan Lambrianidis and I will be back with you next week to ,talk all things non alcoholic drinks and whether or not they are worth it and whether they are worth your time. 

I hope you have a great rest of your day and that you discover some amazing non alcoholic drinks during the week and I’ll chat to you soon.


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