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On Episode #012, if you haven't had a listen yet - you're going to have just me! But don't let that deter you, join me so we can dive into the amazing non-alcoholic options that I've been getting into through 2021 and find out a bit more about whats in store for 2022!
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Non alcoholic drinks podcast new episode - christmas
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Non-Alcoholic Drinks For The Holidays - What Was Covered

I cover some amazing non-alcoholic drink options I’ve been lucky enough to discover and share with you all through 2021. So what better time than now to recap it all and give you a rundown of the beer, wine and spirit options that are winning at the moment!

In this episode I cover

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Round-Up Episode Transcript

Oh, hello. And welcome to another episode of the non-alcoholic drinks podcast today. You’ve got just me and we’re going to be covering off a bunch of drinks that you can try over Christmas and summer. Some of the favorites I’ve come across in my crazy triple zero journey so far. And what you can expect from triple zero in 2022.

How on earth did we get to this part of the year already? It’s just manic. Um, but it is exciting to nearly be at the end and having a holiday. I will be having hopefully all of January off and have some time to plan out 2022 and have some downtime. And I think after the year that we’ve all had, it will be some welcome time away from the keyboard and the microphone.

Alrighty, I’m going to kick off with reviewing some beers, wines and spirits, as well as a few, ready to drink options. And they are going to be ones that I’ve really enjoyed and a going to be awesome for all summer long. All winter long, if you are unfortunately going through winter in the states at the moment, but let’s get to it and let’s kick off with a few of the beer options.

Alrighty, I’m going to jump into my favorite pale ale and one of, if not my ultimate favorite non-alcoholic beer for the year. And that is no easy feat to give in. You’ve got the likes of the big drop and a whole host of others out there as well. But we’ll get to those later because right now is about the bridge road, free time pale ale.

Now it has an absolutely cracking flavor profile. It has a nice, bright and fresh hoppy note. That’s full of citrus and resiny notes. So there’s two key streams of hops in there as well as a nice warm. malty base. And it’s all wrapped up with that. Well, weighted, mouthfeel, and a light bitterness to finish. So it is just a beautiful tasting pale ale and one, which I’m absolutely looking forward to getting more and more and more of as summer progresses.

I’ve recommended this one out to a number of people who have taken it when they are driving or they’re getting off to a Christmas gathering and they’ve got some other things to get to in the afternoon and don’t really want to drink. They’ve taken some bridge road free time with them and just by being out and about and sharing it with people.

It’s really awesome to hear the feedback they’re getting. And that includes people who don’t normally drink non alcohol and not really keen on non-alc beers and everything they offer. Having the minds blown by it. They’re saying they cannot believe the flavor, the depth and the complexity in there. They’re like, I can’t believe it’s actually good, which.

Is an awesome thing to have. And I’m so glad that this beer is kind of helping bring more people into the industry and the category as well. So it’s a great little beer and I would highly recommend it given the malty base or that really complex multi base. So I am going to be having many of these over the summer months.

To compliment Anything else I’m drinking. I’m really looking forward to stocking up on them. So if you find them, please don’t buy them all. Leave some for me as always. If you are looking for the full review, I will drop it down in the show notes and you can find them either in the link, in the description below or over at

And if you head across there, you going to find me looking goofy with a can in my mouth at glass in one hand, and a sums up with the other hand. Now, if that is not incentive enough to go and have a look at that review, I don’t know what is, but the beer is what is the incentive. So jump across and check it out.

Let’s have a look at another beer and that is the Weihenstephaner non-alcoholic lager now for me, the ones to find out is the one beer that has offset, or should I say dislodged, the James Squire as the non-alcoholic lager up for 2021. So what is this Weihenstephaner all about? Now? I love the malty base in this, the hoppy notes in there, which are floral and really crisp and clean as well as a bit of a hoppy bitterness in there as well.

This has all the hallmarks of a traditional German lager with any of the drawbacks. And I just really enjoyed the way that there was some underpinning maltiness and a nice clean and crisp finish in there. The carbonation for me was really quite interesting because it was really active in creamy. It just gave a nice creamy mouthfeel as you are drinking it.

And I mean, I think I’ve had five or six of them now since writing that review. And I just love the novelty factor of. a longneck bottle. So for me, this is my number one lager for 2021. It is the weihenstephaner. I would highly recommend it getting some

Alrighty with the bridge road out of the way, and the Weihenstephaner ticked off. I want to give you just one more beer. I was going to keep it to two, but I just couldn’t help myself and had to give you the Heaps normal, quiet. It is just one of the originals in the space and has a really well balanced malty base, which has a bunch of hoppiness in there as well, that focuses around tropical and fruity notes.

And they’re really well balanced and combined together in each and every mouthful. Now you’re going to find the malty based. Follows through and lingers through each and every sip. And you are finishing off with a beautifully crisp and clean pointed bitterness and mouthfeel. So this is one I think is just going to be a real big hit for more and more people as they come into the non-alc space, especially those that enjoy a pale ale or an IPA.

So the heaps normal quite XPA is going to be an absolute Corker. If you haven’t tried it, go and get around it already. Okay. So the wine space of things. Now, I feel like I have to be stingy here because there are so many options that I’m just going to give you my favorite, my top, most drunk version that I’ve had throughout the year for a couple of different varieties of variants.

Now I’m going to kick off with the Giesen. Zero sauv blanc. Now that one for me is four of those juicy passionfruit notes. And it has a nice tanginess to it too. There’s a little bit of sweetness in there, but I kind of define this one over in the review as you know, not too sweet, but definitely sweet enough.

Now I also liked the way this is balanced out with a nice acidic finish. Push and pull against that sweetness. And it also brings together a delicious level of like red capsicum in there as well. Now I think this scream for one word at me and the Giesen, as I wrote it up was like complex. It’s just got so much going for it.

The weighted body is there and it just doesn’t leave you feeling like you are missing out on much when you are drinking this. Now you’re naturally not going to get that heat or that whack from the alcohol that you get from alcoholic wines. But you are going to get a really amazing flavor profile. And this one is by far the best white wine I have had all year long now, jumping across to a slightly different variant of white wine because this one has bubbles.

So I’m going to be talking about the Vinada sparkling Chardonnay. Now this one has a damn perfect profile tastes you name it. It is awesome. I found the flavor profile was complex and deepen. It was really built around those apple and Mellon notes while being equally dry and crisp. Now I found that the Vinada being grown from the.

Elusively French shard and their grapes is a little bit fancy and it allows to really give you that snap of acidity and that dry crisp finish, which I think really makes this wine. And a lot of other non alcoholic sparklings lack that they lack the dry and crisp finish in each mouthful. Now, I really think the Vinada team have done an awesome job at pulling all this together.

And it’s no wonder they have been heavily. Through the year of 2021. So my all time, favorite non hour sparkling wine, it goes through the pinata for the sparkling chardonnay and I, now I will also give you a quick heads up that they have at two others in it. There’s the area in gold and the sparkling tempranillo or the rose as they call it.

So I would check those out as well. If you’re looking for a couple of other options from these guys too, by the way, if you’re interested in picking up a bottle, Throw some links down in the description or over in the show notes over at And you can find out where to buy them and pick them up online or in-store wherever you guys shop.

Okay. So I want to round out the wines by talking about a Rose now for me, I love the

Senorio De La Tautila Non-Alc Rose is made with all of the tempranillo grapes from Spain, actually the biggest wine making region in Spain. And it is super, super hot there, which means that you are going to get lots and lots of strawberry and raspberry notes and peaches in there as well, which I found quite interesting and it is nice and light and fruity.

Really sharp and pointed. And it has a really well rounded body too. And I think this one is going to be a real hit as people start to discover it on shelf or online. And I feel like there is going to be a lot of interest in this one, purely because of the fact that you get. Finish that doesn’t really overload you with sweetness.

So as you’ve probably gathered, I’m not the biggest fan of overly sweet wines. So this really ticks the box for a Rose and I love that the fact that you can pick it up in either of these 750 mil, if you are going to have a party or you’re going to be drinking it relatively quickly, or you can just grab a two 50 mil, pour yourself one mega glass and be on your Merry way for one session and not have to waste.

So they have a, my favorite non alc rose a is the De La Tautilanon-alcoholic rosé. So I think that kind of rounds out my non ALC wine position. I have a bunch of them coming through for and I am going to be giving you more and more information on non ALC wines as 2022 progresses in a few different formats.

But I think you’re going to have to stay tuned for that one. Okay. Let’s move. To the spirits in the non-health space. Now I reckon you’ve got a couple of different streams here. You’ve got the traditional or gin, like sort of spirit, and then you’ve got a darker spirit as well. Now I’m going to kick off with the gene or gin likes spirit, and I’m only going to choose one, but I think because it is Christmas, you have to go with the Christmas tastes.

And that comes from the team over at Brunswick ACEs, who, as you would know, are supporters of the podcast. Now, the hearts superior is one which is built around spice notes of cinnamon and clove. And there’s just a beautiful, warm, and complex Christmasy vibe. Now I’m not going to bother explaining it further because Steve who is the CEO and co-founder was on at the show last time around.

So I’m going to cut to a grab from him, giving him the justice. From an explanation point of view. I mean, that sense with the hearts, it was slightly different. We actually went the other way around. We, couple of us are from the Northern hemisphere and missed out at Christmas on all of those really warm spiced and eggnog or a mold wine, perhaps.

And so we felt that those that aren’t drinking should be treated to that kind of flavor palette. And so what started out as a bit of a Christmas blend that wasn’t supposed to stay. It has now been put into that hearts blend name because people just love that style. And again, it’s a way from sweet, but it’s got all those kinds of complexities that people miss out on in a real winter warmer.

But to be honest, it can be used across the year and they’ve got some great qualities. And again, the complexity that everyone’s looking for in a really interesting adult tasting drink, they’re all there. And then again, we’ve just married that up and. Alcoholic version so that it can all be shared together.

So that is the Brunswick ACEs hearts superior, and it is Uber delicious. It is beautiful. And I actually have a new bottle sitting on my bench that I picked up the other day. I was in Dan’s and I’m like, I want to buy something new. And I’m like, it’s Christmas. I need another bottle of hearts. So it is beautiful.

And I highly recommend grabbing that as one of my favorite ones for the. Okay. So I want to hop across to the darkest side of non-alcoholic spirits and that is not meant to be a pun. It is simply the color of them. So the dark spirit I want to talk about is my favorite and it just edges out the other product in the range.

I really love the flower wormwood by the team over at Mr. Now, I chatted to Erica who is the founder of a little while back. And it was really interesting to hear the way that she and her right hand. Frederick at go about creating these drinks. They really take a food tech approach and they’re like, well, we need to kind of bring everything in and do different things to get different flavors.

People haven’t been able to achieve before. So I loved hearing all about the way that they were creating their drinks. And for example, one of the ingredients they use is rhubarb. And we were talking about. Bring rhubarb behaves differently to late season rhubarb. So it is just that level of innovation and creativity that is really helping drive the category of not our spirits forward, but from a flavor profile, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the Mr.

Flora wormwood. Before we move on. Now, the Mr. Combines flavor. Doc right raisins with hints of citrus, bright orange notes and a woodiness in there as well. Now that is all brought together and finished off with a beautiful tart bitterness and a really nice lingering heat in there too. I was actually really surprised at the level of heat that came from this strength.

So you do get that burn and that really amazing feeling that you get from a traditional spirit in this non out spirit. And I’ve given this to a few people as well. And my family, when they came over. COVID lockdown is finished and everyone was like pleasantly surprised by the fact that there was actually some hate in a non elk drink.

It was really quite nice to be able to share that and Ghana, their reactions as they were drinking it. Okay. Now I couldn’t leave you without talking about my two sets of. Favorite non-UK ready to drink options. Now for me, I absolutely am loving the C arch options at the moment. They are a non-alcoholic at J and T or is they turn it C and T and the non-alcoholic rose and T so as you would guess, the C and T is all about the gin and tonic classic profile.

It is junior Paulette has some beautiful citrus notes in there, and the Rosen T is. Different take, it’s got this beautiful rosy profile, some, a rosewater profile, a bit of a different mix, but both of them have a cracking level of bitterness in there and an absolutely well whited and lingering body. And I think that comes from having sugar in there.

There is a little bit of sugar, I think it’s around 10 grams. Can, but that said you cannot replicate what sugar does for a drink and the amazing mouthfeel it creates with an artificial or even a natural sweetener. So for me, the CR train is one of my cracking go-tos at the moment. And the other one, I wanted to leave it to last because it is my old time favorite.

Non-alcoholic ready to drink option range. And that is from the guys over at yes, you can drink. Now I came across these a little while ago, picked a few up and had a few sent to me from tolerant the team. And honestly, I love these so much and I think it kind of builds back to what I was talking about when we were chatting about the NISTA.

It is the heat and the guys have been able to put together a flashback concoction in there that really creates that heat and warmth in your mouth and leaves you with a lingering. I’ll actually cut to Tyler talking about that now. So you can hear all about the creation and what it all means for each and every glass of, or can I should say, oh yes, you can.

So that’s what we’ve kind of coined at product tree flashback, blend, they kind of reworking or reframe. The flashback, flashback connotations with drinking too much. And I’ve had them in my time where I’m thinking, oh man, I’d really do that. Amazed, you know, Daymond stage flashbacks. So I thought we could conduct, reframe that and baby funny and be hopefully on brand with that.

And with kind of saying, Hey, we’re reframing the flashback. It’s the flashing against the back of your throat. It’s at pleasant, warmth that you get when you’re having an alcoholic drink, we didn’t want to overkill because we didn’t want it to be like ceramic. Um, burning of burning of the esophagus, but we wanted to give a little bit of a pay a bit of a tribute to that sort of nice or pleasant or sophisticated, um, mouthfeel that, that, um, alcoholic drinks do offer.

Okay. So now you know all about the flashback. I want to give you my favorite one. And even though I’m kinda sitting here talking about it and I prepped for this episode a few days ago, I’ve actually changed my mind three or four times about which one is my favorite. And I go between the dark and stormy and also the G and T I don’t know, I’m going to have to land with the dark and stormy.

But the G and T I don’t know, I’m going to, I’m going to call, I’m going to sit on the fence and give you both. So I’m not sure which one I prefer the most, but I actually going to cut to a grab of Tyler talking about the dark and stole me right now because it’s his favorite as well. So here’s the graph from Tyler chatting about the dark and stormy mean he’s quite a shop ginger to begin and then cut through by alignment as sort of smokey note.

And that is like a way more complicated and complex ginger beer, I suppose, but people understand that ginger beer, so it’s not a massive education piece around it. Alrighty. That wraps up all of the drink options to round that out really quickly. You’ve got the hips normal, quiet XPI into the, wants to find a logger and finishing off as I probably number one to be for the year is the bridge road of free time pilot.

After that you have the wines. So you have the pinata crispy shot tonight. The Giesen zero and the dilatory Tila non-alcoholic rosé for the spirit front. You’ve got the Brunswick, ACEs, Christmas vibe with the hot superior, into the Mr. Flora wormwood. And also you’ve got those ready to drink options that from and the, yes, you can range as.

So again, I will put all of these links for you down in the description and also forward slash session 0 1 2, where you can find out the full reviews and also where you can buy them. Alrighty, I’m not going to keep you for too much longer because I know it is Christmas time and everybody’s super keen to get out and about.

So in short, I’m going to have some time off on the podcast front, at least until around the end of January. But I may be back earlier if anything, exciting pops up, or if I really came to get you some news or new drinks that are out there as well. Now into 2022, I am really keen to bring more stories about people who have decided to jump across or away from alcohol, or just use not Alex to reduce their alcohol intake.

So I’m going to be bringing a little bit more of that in there also building in just a few shorter episodes and maybe dropping them on the off weeks. If I can that give you a little bit of a taste of a full review. In audio format. So I might drop a review about a beer or wine or a spirit on the off week, or just tack it onto the end of another podcast.

Now I think that’s going to be cool because it means you can have the reviews on the run and in your pocket all the time. So have a great holiday, an amazing Christmas, and thanks so much for listening for the, I really appreciate you guys. It’s been a really cool ride and I just cannot wait to see where these industry goes, because guys, things are just getting started.

The quality. Flying and things are really going to keep growing. So I’m excited to see what 2022 brings. And I’m really excited to bring you some new things in January. Alrighty. I hope you were really enjoyed the content I’ve been putting out over the past year. And I would love to hear from you guys. So if you listen to this one, head over to Instagram.

Follow along there that is at typical zero drinks for my Instagram. And you can also find all of the information about the drinks from today’s episode at dot com slash session 0 1 2, and there you can find it where to buy it. All of the reviews for today’s drinks and all the other info that I’ve chatted.

Alrighty, have a great Christmas team. And I look forward to touching base with you guys more in the new year. I hope that I can get out and about and meet some of you. And hopefully I can get more of an opportunity to do that when work is not so crazy. So I will chat to you guys in the new year and have a fab time off and enjoy the unwinding.

I’ll chat to you guys soon.

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